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Why suicide isn’t freedom

Robin Williams dying is a really, really sad thing. I don’t think I’ve ever been as sad about a celebrity’s death before and learning how he died is all the more heartbreaking. 

Following the news of his death there were a lot of posts with ‘Genie, you’re free’ (the first was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ twitter I think). The first time I saw it it made me cringe. Though well intended, it’s a horrible choice of words, not to mention a potentially dangerous one. 

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blanderthanthou asked: The dancing Groot. Is that an actual product or just something you doodled?

It’s not an actual product … yet. 

(Not that I’m making it, I’m just assuming Marvel/Disney will be since they’d be crazy not to)

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Oh hello, this is a drawing of me dressed as a bee, eating crisps. Why am I dressed like a bee? Well, let me tell you….

You can now support me and me comics over on Tapastic with their nifty new Support Program. You can get a bunch of stuff like poems, artwork and a secret handshake (that is so secret it might not even exist). Also some other stuff too (will it be a cheese slice? Only one way to find out…) 

So yeah, that’s why I’m dressed like a bee (⊙3⊙) ♥

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