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Scared of human faced cats

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wyrdmind asked: Do you got a man and if not are you looking ;)

I do not, I have almost zero interest in romantic relationships though. Also, I am going through life with as little human physical contact as possible. 

Like some kind of majestic sponge that has something growing on it so no one uses it. 


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dtjbsd asked: Who are your artistic influences?

Mostly cartoons, lots and lots of cartoons (basically all of the stuff on Cartoon Network in the 90’s - you know, the really good stuff. Also Invader Zim). Anime (pokemon/digimon mainly), video games. I drew a lot of neopets too. 
Here’s a thing I drew when I was … 15? image
(Is this even relevant to the question? I’m showing it anyway)

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modernbeing asked: What is your favorite thing to draw?

Buff animals saying motivational things.