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    More painting practise ~(⁰▿⁰)~

    More painting practise ~(⁰▿⁰)~

  2. It came to my attention today that I don’t really paint landscapes ever so here are a couple quick watercolours :) 

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    Anonymous asked: Hun I love ur comic but r u ok?

    I’m fine anonymous :) Every now and then depression sneaks up and gets me. It comes and goes (I tend to be a lot quieter online when it does). I’m ok at the moment though.

    Thank you for your concern! :) 

  4. mcnerds:


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    Beware The Sad for it can strike at any time, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. 

    …okay, but do you really own a sweater with adorable cats on it? Because that’s really neat.

    Yes, yes I do. It’s my favourite thing to wear. 

    This was supposed to be it in the comic but I couldn’t remember what it really looked like. 
    I have several pieces of clothing with cats on them, my aim is to have every piece of clothing feature cats. One day… 

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    Beware The Sad for it can strike at any time, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. 

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    Get down from there!

    Get down from there!

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    Card hunting is hard but there’s a special sense of achievement when you find the perfect one. 

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    Anonymous asked: how long do you take for a comic (I love them btw...your colour combos are amazing and your wit speaks to me *sage nod*)

    Thank you anon :)
    It varies really, but comic strips probably take about 4-5 hours on average. 
    Full comic pages take much, much longer. Like, if you start a comic it will consume your life. You will not sleep, you’ll forget to eat and probably sacrifice going outside. And it’s totally worth it. 
    I’m going to start making more of those comic pages >:I

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    Oh, I did an interview with comics beat - you can read it here if ye wish :) 

    (Bonus - here’s a drawing of a blobfish I found on my laptop and forgot about.)

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    He just wanted to belong… 

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