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Anonymous asked: How do you defeat your enemies?

I talk to them, work out our differences and eventually befriend them. Our bond of friendship and love grows deeper than we thought possible. We spend years together, it’s almost like we know each other better than ourselves. 

Then I begin to destroy their life slowly. They trust me so much, I know everything about them. Everything. Knowledge is power and I can use it to ruin every moment of their life and the best part of it all? I’m the very last person they’d expect (and that makes the betrayal oh so much sweeter)

The finale of my whole scheme is when they are utterly broken and they turn to the one person left in their life, me. I will reveal my diabolical scheme to them, laughing as I stroke their cat that loves me now, wearing the lucky shirt they thought they lost and high fiving the family and friends who disowned them. Then it begins to rain and they are the only one without an umbrella. I go get ice cream without them and they are left sobbing in the street, soaked. It is their birthday. 

That’s how I do it. 

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Why suicide isn’t freedom

Robin Williams dying is a really, really sad thing. I don’t think I’ve ever been as sad about a celebrity’s death before and learning how he died is all the more heartbreaking. 

Following the news of his death there were a lot of posts with ‘Genie, you’re free’ (the first was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ twitter I think). The first time I saw it it made me cringe. Though well intended, it’s a horrible choice of words, not to mention a potentially dangerous one. 

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blanderthanthou asked: The dancing Groot. Is that an actual product or just something you doodled?

It’s not an actual product … yet. 

(Not that I’m making it, I’m just assuming Marvel/Disney will be since they’d be crazy not to)

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